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”Amy and Digital Cantina have taken our social media to a whole new level - Amy has put the time in to get to know our industry and apply that knowledge to making our social media posts successful. She's consistent and always coming up with new and innovative ideas to get us noticed.”  

Dorothy Miller, Owner

Hope Blooms

I met Amy through a mutual friend. I literally loved her with our first conversation. I contacted her about building a website for our non profit organization called Stage Free Melanoma. With in a few minutes of me telling her what I need done, she said yes I would love to do that for you. She built us the most amazing website within a few days. It's awesome, it's perfect. She worked a price out with us that met our needs. We were so blessed. We have had many conversations since that day either over the phone or by message. She is doing an amazing job with updating our website daily. I even went to her about our first fundraiser. I needed a flyer made up for it and I didn't have any idea how to even begin so I contacted Amy, she had it done in like 15 minutes and it was right on. She doing our social media as well. She has given wonderful advice and information. I do not know where we would be or what we would have done if we were not connected to her. I haven't met many people for the first time and felt the way I do about Amy. She is absoulty amazing, caring, beautiful, she has such a huge heart. We our so blessed to have her in our lives. We love you Amy.


“If there were 10 stars...Amy would fall into that spot for web design.  I lost my daughter to Melanoma at the tender young age of 24.  I wanted to revamp her foundation website and Amy took a sensitive subject and went above and beyond all limits as well as my expectations.  Her professionalism made it fun...she took my frown and turned it upside down.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the creative butterflies she added.  Amazing creative and fast. If you don't believe me check out www.keeganskids.org ...and get educated on Melanoma.  Most importantly...take your children all ages to a reputable dermatologist.  IT"S NOT JUST SKIN CANCER!!!!! Thanks Amy”

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“Amy is one of the most top notch clients I have... From her on point ideas and straight foward attitude... she will get it done. If you’re in the market for social media help, look no further than Digital Cantina. Way to go Amy”

Josh Wolfe, Owner J Wolfe Productions


Very detail oriented and timely in communication! Super efficient, and is up to date on all things social media & marketing!

Amanda Haverstadt McDaniel, Owner

Best Day Ever Gifts

Best Day Ever Gifts

I have been working with Amy on my social media presence, engagement and on strategies that will work best for my business. She gives me guidance and handles my requests with diligence. I love how responsive she is, and easy to work with. She has made a huge impact on my social media presence, and has been so wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her, exp if you are a small business owner!

Lindsay Pickett, Owner

I Am Active Mom

Want to give a huge shoutout to my friend Amy and her awesome work and support she shows with Digital Cantina! She is very knowledge and provides extraordinary assistance to those needing social media help for brands. Highly recommended ~ Samuel Doughty/MMA RoadHog Racing

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After enlisting the help of Amy at Digital Cantina, my Instagram site went from a handful of followers (mostly friends) to over 120 in less than a couple of days, even garnering the attention of NASA!  Her 7 day free program was especially beneficial to me, as I'm only now trying to gain traction and attention in the realm of Astrophotography.  Her efforts definitely have inspired me to keep creating and sharing beautiful visions of our Universe, knowing that there is clearly an interested audience.  I wholeheartedly recommend Amy at Digital Cantina as your go-to social media STAR!

Jeff Brown,  Astrophotographer,

Darkness Clarified

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The team at Digital Cantina has been amazing.  Knowledgeable and affordable.  We have seen a measurable increase in our social media presence, which correlates to increased revenue.  Worth the money and thankfully, it’s nowhere near what other “media” companies are charging.

Kevin Quinn, CEO, AlertSquad


“I have been working with Amy for almost a year now managing my stores' social media campaigns.  Amy has proven to be an important part of growing our online presence and driving real results within the restaurants.  She has shared creative insight and suggestions and made an incredible impact on a portion of our business that is often too time consuming and tedious to actively manage.  She is incredibly intuitive and professional and understands how to persuade organic interaction from our clientel. I appreciate her lightning fast responses and interaction, always employing the utmost professionalism even in unusual circumstances.  I would highly recommend her as a part of your future marketing campaigns and growth.”

Daniel Rhodes

Managing Partner, Bodovino LLC


Amy, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you these past four years. When I first got to BodoVino you truly made it exciting and I love your passion for wine. you have elevated our social media at Ha’Penny Bridge and Happy Fish Sushi to the level it deserves. Appreciate everything you do, keep killing it!!

Ryan Hazard, Manager, Ha’Penny Bridge